Fit After 40

As a child I observed that when ever I was in the presence of a group of adults, there was one common topic that always seemed to come-up in conversations. That topic being health and wellness, or in many people’s case, a lack of wellness. The discussion typically starts with a gripe about how healthcare is too expensive (which I think it is) followed by a discussion of whatever physical issue each person dealt with or is currently dealing with.

As a child, I didn’t think much about my health because for the most part, my body just worked. When I got sick or hurt myself, I waited a few days and my body magically healed itself and I moved on. That all seemed to change in my late thirties and into my forties where I find myself now. My body stopped “bouncing back” as quickly as it used to. I was experiencing pain and stiffness that I hadn’t had to deal with before. Bad habits I had in my youth were starting to bear fruit (in a negative way) and I found myself having to visit the doctor when I wasn’t actually sick, but had other ailments that just didn’t seem “normal”.

Suddenly I was starting to understand why adults were always talking about healthcare and their own physical health. For men, I’m told we are at our physical peak at around 35 years of age. After that, it’s all down hill so to speak. Scientists aren’t able to explain why our biological clocks suddenly switch from a growth and repair cycle to one of decline, but one thing is for sure, it happens to all of us. Knowing this, I figure I have a choice to make: Give-in to the aging process and hope everything just works out or fight aging every step of the way.

This blog series will be my online diary of personal health experiments that I’ve tried over the past few years in an attempt to slow down aging and maintain a high quality of life within reason. I’ve learned a lot over just the past five years and hopefully my health journal will help you in yours.